Archived shows at J. Cacciola Gallery:

Julie Friedman – Pastoral Provocatuer Michael Massaia: Sheep Meadow – Vertical Abstracts Refinement: The Art of Koo Schadler Irish Eyes New works by: Cian McLoughlin, Suzy O’Mullane and Tom Climent Taking Possession: The Paintings of Tim Merrett and Rick Newton The Size of Ideas Virtual Sublime: J. Cacciola Gallery Online, Group Exhibition The Middle Watch: Cian McLoughlin Women Painting Women: Group Exhibition A Redefined Existence: Works by China Marks, and Rick Newton, and Sally Curcio Sleep is Useless: Photography by Michael Massaia, Alan Chimacoff, and Jenny Montgomery Beautiful and Profound Paintings: New Paintings by Alex Kanevsky Brent McIntosh: Five Paintings Tom Lieber: Recent Work Gallery Artists Delightful, Delicious, Disgusting: New paintings by Mia Brownell Chaos Hollis Heichemer: The Space Between the Trees Tom Climent, Marty Kelly, Suzy O’ Mullane: Tri Rebecca Saylor Sack: birds, beasts, flowers Cone Monochromacy Exit the Freeway: Valeri Larko and Trevor Young Four Portrayals Carole Pierce: Intangible Jane LaFarge Hamill: Emoticon Napoleon Complex Carole Pierce: Ephemeral Grace and Contrast: New paintings by Linda Christensen Beautiful Calamity Things Are Not What They Seem: Scott Fraser, Daina Mattis, Vonn Sumner Accumulations: Group Show Group Show Alex Kanevsky: Heroes & Animals Summer Group Show Danielle Frankenthal, McKay Otto, Susan Plum, Joan Winter Linda Christensen and Maureen Chatfield Hollis Heichemer and Janet Filomeno Aloft: Group Show Group Show: Elizabeth Berdann, Carol Mothner, Koo Schadler Group Show Danielle Frankenthal and Mark Williams James Lahey: Guido’s Rhombus Go Figure