Archived shows at Jeff Bailey Gallery (old):

David Shaw: Dear Everything Eat a peach: Group Exhibition Michael Berryhill: Shrine time /Joshua Marsh: Drawings/Jesse Greenberg Amy Pleasant: Blink Nichole van Beek: Dare Read Dear Duncan Hannah: Distant marvels and Meg Lipke: Players removed from the field The Musical Box: Cary Smith and John Newman Evie Falci and Robert Otto Epstein Martin McMurray: The Case for Dream Insurance Contrapposto & Other Stories: Group exhibition Jim Richard Nichole van Beek: Ohs and Exes Frederick Hayes Simplest Means: Group Exhibition Everything All Night SLow Hunch: Jim Gaylord, Will Duty, Tamara Zahaykevich and Michael Dotson Hard Lines: Soft Vibes Mark Shetabi: The Grand Tour Joshua March: As If Jered Sprecher: I Always Lie Jered Sprecher: I ALWAYS LIE Jackie Gendel: Comedy of Manners Christian Maychack: Flats Erik Schoonebeek: Phantom Hand Will Jackulic Pitch: Lonnie Holley, Fabienne Lasserre, Halsey Rodman Louise Belcourt: Mounds Grey Full: Group Show curated by Geoffrey Young Jim Richard: Paintings and Collages Amy Pleasant: On the Ground Below Kris Chatterson: New Paintings It’s Hot Inside: Group Show Jim Gaylord: Spoilers Will Duty: Project Scratch Fabienne Lasserre: For the Partner Chris Gentile: Let it down Sarah Brenneman: Now here this Posed: Physique Photography from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s Mark Shetabi: The Apparent Motion of Stationary Objects Joshua Marsh: Ten Things Lonnie Holley: Assemblages and Drawings All This and Not Ordinary