Archived shows at Johannes Vogt:

Alejandro Ospina: A Bee In My Bonnet Manor Grunewald Michael Pybus and Marisa Olson Andrew Birk: Tru AF and Richard Gasper: Galvanized Hydrangea Alexi Ito, Carson Fisk-Vittori & Derek Frech: Data-Scent Brian Kokoska & Chloe Seibert: Night Cage and Chelsea Culp: Ella, Ella, Ella Time flies like a banana: Ron Ewert, Greg Ito & Josh Reames and Here’s the catch: Stephanie Hier, Larissa Lockshin: Close but no cigar WWWest: Group Exhibition Travis Boyer: Velours and Wigner’s Friends Jessica Sanders: Swell Swollen Cyril Duval Paging Yolanda Showtime: Group Exhibition Matthew Schreiber: Sideshow Material Images: Group Exhibition Juan Fernando Herran – Kevin Simon Mancera – Jaime Tarazona Cristobal Lehyt: Iris Sheets II — This Time It’s Personal Tatiana Blass: Interview Garth Evans Trouble Every Day curated by Dmitry Komis Hansjoerg Dobliar Cleaning Up Zach Storm: Solitaire Tamara K.E. Johanna Unzueta: Mechanical Movements JOHANNA UNZUETA Travis Boyer MERNET LARSEN: “THREE CHAPTERS” Heads and bodies Bo Christian Larsson: Remote Cristobal Lehyt: Eat Your Emblem The End: Group Show curated by John Connelly and Michael Buhler Rose The Life of Objects: Group Show curated by Maria Del Carmen CarriĆ³n Eyes wide shut: Contemporary drawings from Germany Even in the Quietest Moments: Patricia Dauder, Cristobal Lehyt, Dushko Petrovich The Fitting Room: David Brody, Mernet Larsen, Nicole Wittenberg, curated by David Cohen Reflecting Abstraction Markus Draper: N.O.E. Breck Omar Brunson Brian McKee