Archived shows at John Davis Gallery:

Vilaykorn Sayaphet: Cross Country with Ari Melinda Stickney-Gibson: Thinkings Jared Buckhiester: Cessation of Violence Bruce Gagnier: Sculpture Garden Katherine Mojzsis: Shapes Effect Claude Carone: Paintings Fran Shalom; Bruce Gagnier; Lois Dickson; William Stone; Gabriel Phipps; Miriam Bloom Tom Butter Jean Feinberg: Works on Paper Dale Emmart: Giants Yura Adams: Nature Dress Gail Goldsmith: Sculpture Sara Jane Roszak Elliott Green: It’s Never Winter Here Pamela J. Wallace: In secluded corners Daisy Craddock Four Decades/ Renee Iacone Stacks – Cylinder Series/Jenny Snider : The Old and the New/Larry Brown Paintings William Ransom: Hem n’ Haw Nicolas Carone : The Fictitious Image Priscilla Derven: DISLAND: Paintings 2013-2015 David Hornung: Shadow and Substance Ben La Rocco: Alien Bird Song Thomas Micchelli: Bacchantes and Bivalves McWillie Chambers Theodore Roszak : Lithographs Leonid Lerman, Tine Lundsfryd, Linnea Paskow, Paul Hamann, Matthew Blackwell: Painting, Maud Bryt, Judith Simonian, Angela Dufresne, Ruth Lauer Manenti: Blue Bottles & Isabelle, Kathy Osborn Brenda Goodman, Maud Bryt, Bruce Gagnier, Jane Culp, Susanna Heller, Dave Hardy Group Exhibition Stephen Reynolds: New Work Herbert Reichert Judith Simonian Mark Tambella Claude Carone La Wilson: Five Decades Jenny Snider: New Work Bruce Gagnier: Made for Bronze Craig Olson: Angels and Demons at Play Jon Isherwood Renee Iocane: Stacks and Artifacts Jake Berthot: Works on Paper Cecelia Rembert Craig Olson: Angels and Demons at Play Bruce Gagnier: Sculpture Jake Berthot: Works on Paper: The Enamel Drawings Erin Walrath: In Formation Pamela J. Wallace: Industrial Weeds Kyle Staver: Paintings, Prints, Reliefs Sarah Peters: Utopians Julie Evans Dionisio Cortes and Leticia Ortega Cortes Fran Shalom: Paintings