Archived shows at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (West 20th Street):

Augustine Kofie: Inventory / Gary Taxali: Hotel There Martin Wittfooth Offering and Seonna Hong If You Lived Here I’d Be Home By Now Joel Rea: Beasts of Arcadia infra:REAL – The Art of Imaginative Realism Group Exhibition infraREAL – The Art of Imaginative Realism Group Exhibition Trifecta : Handiedan, Mimi Scholz & Sandra Chevrier ROA Metazoa A Solo Exhibition and Gallery Kogure Japanese Human Sensors Group Exhibition Phil Hale: Life Wants to Live Saner Primitivo and The Lost Mitten Society Annual Winter Salon Show Kai and Sunny: Lots of Bits of Star and Taku Obata: Bust a Move Marc Giai-Miniet: Théâtre de la Mémoire and Fabio D’Aroma: West of Ovest and Esao Andrews: Epilogues Stranger Than Fiction: Group Exhibition and Alessandro Gallo: Strani Incontri Anthony Lister: Power Tripping and Rafael Silveira: Unforeseeable Art Truancy: Celebrating 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine Group exhibition Dan Witz: NY Hardcore and Dylan Egon : American Holy Relics Kevin Cyr :Right Place, Right Time and Gary Taxali: Unforget Me Jesse Hazelip: Love Lock: Cycle of Violence and Based on Actual Events Gallery II Group Exhibition of works by Alyssa Monks, Diego Koi, Eloy Morales and Joel Rea Michael Leavitt: Empire Peaks AJ Fosik: Against the Infinite Adam Wallacavage: Magic Mountain Masakatsu Sashie: Coacervate Tara McPherson: Wandering Luminations Blek le Rat 10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003—2013: Curated by Sara + Marc Schiller Brett Amory Pose and Revok Marco Mazzoni Souther Salazar Andy Kehoe Jim Houser: Search Party Josh Agle: (SHAG) Thursday’s Girl WK 360: A 25 Year Survey DALeast: Powder of Light Jeremy Geddes: Exhale Ashley Wood: Machine Sabbath Jeff Soto Audrey Kawasaki Fulvio di Piazza: Ashes to Ashes Jason deCaires Taylor: Human Nature Doze Green (Gallery 1); Kevin Cyr (Gallery 2); Eric White (Project Room) Nicola Verlato: How the West Was Won (Gallery 1); EVOL: Repeat Offender (Gallery 2) Victor Castillo: The Jungle Alex Gross: Product Placement Hybrid Thinking: Group Show curated by Wooster Collective Natalia Fabia: Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle Sam Gibbons, Directed by Kilroy Stephan Doitschinoff (aka Calma) Novo Asceticismo (New Asceticism) Josh Keyes & AJ Fosik Dylan Egon:Home of the Brave and Michael Leavitt: The Art Army Royalty 2011 Annual Summer Invitational and Olek: The Bad Artists Imitate The Great Artists Steal Dan Witz: Mosh Pits, Human and Otherwise and Brett Amory: Dark Light Miss Van Bailarinas, Mario Martinez (Mars-1) Afterglow and Gaia Succession Van Arno: The Minstrel Cycle Souther Salazar: You Come Too Haroshi: Future Primitive Andy Kehoe: Strange Wanderings Gary Baseman: Walking through Walls Erik Mark Sandberg: Get Pretty Now Ray Caesar: A Gentle Kind of Cruelty Josh Agle (aka Shag): Ambergris Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One): The Rising Tara McPherson: The Bunny in the Moon Xiaoqing Ding: At the End of a Rainbow Esao Andrews: Solid Void Alex Gross: Discrepancies Dave Cooper: Mangle Jeff Soto: Lifecycle Louie Cordero: Sacred Bones Scott Musgrove: How is Empire?