Archived shows at Julie Saul Gallery:

Corey Olsen: Garage Still Lifes Zeke Berman: Still Life Photographs, 1980’s Morton Bartlett: Family Planning: early photographs and archival material and Maira Kalman: Beloved Dog Maria Martinez-Cañas: What Remains Nikolay Bakharev: The People of Town N Arne Svenson: The Workers and Charles Johnstone: Corrugated Fences Adam Magyar: Kontinuum Reinier Gerritsen: The Last Book and Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things Orit Raff: Priming Shai Kremer: World Trade Center: Concrete Abstract LandMark: Group Exhibition Maira Kalman: Girls Standing on Lawns and Other Projects METRO: Reinier Gerritsen, Adam Magyar, David Molander Tanya Marcuse: Fallen Simon Hughes: New Watercolors Sarah Anne Johnson: Wonderlust Catherine Nelson: Other Worlds Didier Massard: L’Atlas Imaginaire Nikolay Bakharev: Amateurs and Lovers Charlie Johnstone: New York Handball Courts Arne Svenson: The Neighbors Sally Gall: Unbound Elli Chung: KAMI Charlotte Dumas: Anima Charlotte Dumas: Anima Roz Chast: New Cartoons and a Hooked Rug Karin Apollonia Müller: The Gate Maria Martinez-Canas: Photo Paintings The Perfect Storm Maira Kalman Brian Ulrich: Is This Place Great or What: Artifacts and Photographs; Deborah Buck: What’s Inside (Project Gallery) Nikolay Bakharev, Gerard Petrus Fieret, and Miroslav Tichý: Three Postwar European Photographers Out of Nowhere: a group show of Winnipeg artists Bill Jacobson: Into the Loving Nowhere (1989 till now) Shai Kremer: Fallen Empires 25 Years/25 Artists Gonzalo Puch: A Temporary Garden Jeff Whetstone: Seducing Birds, Snakes, Men Sarah Anne Johnson: Arctic Wonderland David Stephenson: Light Cities Julie Evans and Ajay Sharma: Cowdust-Collaborative Paintings Charlotte Dumas: Repose Carter Potter: Backpainting Jeff Chien Hsing Liao: BQMB The Pencil of Nature Maria Martinez-Canas: Tetralogy