Archived shows at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts:

Space, Light, and Disorder, Group Exhibition curated by Marilla Palmer Marcehly McNeil: Lookers and Kate Cordsen: Ravine Rocico Rodriguez: Neither Here nor There Rhode Island School of Design MFA Painting Program Thesis Exhibition Sydney Licht: Packaged Goods and Ky Anderson: Hover Anne Neely: Water Stories Diane Ayott: Jeepers Creepers and Josette Urso: Treehouse Luke Achterberg: Made in the USA and Martina Nehrling: Vivid and Continuous Stephen Pentak: Here nor There and Debra Smith : Territory LIsa Breslow: Paintings and Prints Sara MacCulloch: Landscapes Deborah Zlotsky: It happened, but not to you Jeffrey Cortland Jones: Did I See You, See Me (In A New Light) and Justine Hill: Pick-and-Place Stephanie London : Quiet Mind, Restless Soul and Marilla Palmer: Daphne’s Night Out Yolanda Sanchez: Sometimes There Are No Rules Allison Stewart: Natural Wonders III Eight Painters: Curated by Paul Behnke Eric Blum: Foreign Parts Susanna Bluhm: I Slept, But My Heart Was Awake Trine Bumiller: Denali John Sabraw: Emanate Josette Urso: Recent Paintings Denise Regan: New Paintings (Bridgehampton) Spring Revival: a group exhibition Paul Behnke: An Awful Rainbow Christian Haub: New Floats JOSETTE URSO: Snow Day Tamar Zinn: Still / Dancing Peter Hoffer: : L’Académie Lisa Breslow: New Paintings Sara MacCulloch: New Landscapes Marilla Palmer Stephen Pentak: Nearly Opposite Uncommon Threads: A Survey of Contemporary Quilts Deborah Zlotsky: Adjacent Possibilities Trine Bumiller: Spilstream Illusion of Life: Group Show Dan Gualdoni: New Paintings Luke Achterberg: The Writing Off The Wall Luke Achterberg: The Writting Off The Wall Yolanda Sanchez: Wild Companions Jeri Eisenberg: A Sojourn in Seasons Lisa Breslow: Urban Silences Allison Stewart: Sign and Flow Summer Group Exhibition Invitational #2 Invitational #1: Daniel Brice, Tyrell Collins, Dan Gualdoni, Marilla Palmer