Archived shows at Kim Foster Gallery:

Dan Hernandez Sarah Leahy: – Material Light Will Kurtz: Pardon the Interruption, Please Color Value: Moon Beom, Sydney Blum, Jeff Doran, Christian Faur, Will Kurtz, Joanne Leah Jacques Roch: The Bridge Deborah G. Nehmad: wasted Ron Desmett & Kathleen Mulcahy: Glass: A Delicate Balance HEAVYLite: Christian Faur, Dan Hernandez, Sherry Karver, Kathryn Siegler Sequential Abstraction: Group Exhibition Mezzogiorno: Antonio Petracca David McQueen: a once imagined ocean Navigating Opposites: Macyn Bolt and Fuzzy Geometry: Sydney Blum At Once: Sarah Leahy Dan Hernandez: Genesis 2014 Mushrooms, Moss, and a Movie: Peter O’Kennedy, Blanche Nettles Powers, Jim Toia Paul Glabicki: Relativity Particle Physical Moon Beom: Secret Garden Susan Chrysler White: Medusa Jacques Roch: Kiss and the Castle Constructed Space: Macyn Bolt, Jeff Doran, Ralph Bernabei Kathryn Siegler: Talking Pictures Sherry Karver: Figuratively Speaking Susan Wides: All the Worlds Michael Lipkin: Sacred Spaces E.E. Smith: Diversions (Not) Water What’s My Line? Ron Desmett: Eccentric Beauty Dan Hernandez: “Genesis” Christian Faur: Rods and Cones Sarah Leah: Portrait; Gerald Wolfe: Structure Paul Glabicki: Order; Blanche Nettles Powers: Tillandsia Usneoides Louis Renzoni: The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light Margaret Evangeline: As-If Night: Group Show Sherry Karver: Flash Fiction Jay Fine: The End of Manhattan and Antonio Petracca Monkey Spoon: Group Show Diane Samuels: A Noiseless patient spider Shigeru Oyatani: Fantastic Lucid Dream Mark Kessell: Specimen Box and Unmet Friends Jaques Roch: Escalades E.E. Smith: Bubble Anonymous: Curated by D. Dominick Lombardi Moon Beom: a place/a shade/a fade Jim Toia: Islands Christian Faur Susan Wides: Art & Entertainment