Archived shows at Lesley Heller Workspace:

Event Horizon curated by Cullen Washington Jr. Fran Siegel “Infrastructure” Young Frankensteins curated by Peter Schenck Shaky Ground curated by D. Domonick Lomabrdi Tony Ingrisano Cyrilla Mozenter, the failed utopian/Barely there, curated by Pamela Matsuda-Dunn Helen O’Leary and Who: Group Exhibition curated by Lesley Heller object’hood : Group Exhibition Tom Kotik: Slave to the Rhythm Daniel Wiener: Kooks & Villains and Keep Out: Group exhibition Lothar Osterburg: Babel and Intricate Expanse curated by Mario Naves Grace Knowlton: Survey 1975 – 2014 and Group Exhibition Domestic Ideals: Nostalgia and the Home, Co-curated by Yan Gi Cheng and Peter Gynd Through the Valley: New Paintings by Devin Powers and Group Exhibition: Cut, Carve, Chisel, Sculpt Brenda Garand: Northern Passage Tom Pnini, Ballade to the Double and Destructure: Group Exhibition Dark Map: Group Exhibition Ming Fay: Figures Intangible: Group Exhibition Katherine Newbegin: Vacant and Enticing Luminosity: Group Exhibition Deborah Brown: Outer Limits Deborah Brown speaks on her work Clouds Ted Larsen: Do Not Stack! The Language of Painting Fran Siegel: Plans and Interruptions Into the Vortex Ron Gorchov Matinée Yardsale Poetry Reading: Geoffrey O’Brien and Barry Schwabsky from “Heads in Limbo” Shoot: Group Exhibition Sara Sosnowy Nene Humphrey: Circling the Center “Stack” and “The New Picture Plane” X-tra Modern Times Ken Buhler: Birdlands Devin Powers: Paintings Drew Shiflett Three Colorists Michael Eade: The Wild Apple Forest Jade Townsend (Gallery 1); Inside Outside, Outside In (Group Show, Gallery 2) Nick Ghiz (Gallery 1); Little Languages/Coded Pictures (Gallery 2, Group Show) The Herd Remorse: Group Show Lothar Osterburg