Archived shows at Lesley Heller Workspace:

Interior Landszaft: group exhibition Fran Siegel: Artist Talk Event Horizon: A Group Exhibition Event Horizon curated by Cullen Washington Jr. Fran Siegel “Infrastructure” Young Frankensteins curated by Peter Schenck Shaky Ground curated by D. Domonick Lomabrdi Tony Ingrisano Cyrilla Mozenter, the failed utopian/Barely there, curated by Pamela Matsuda-Dunn Helen O’Leary and Who: Group Exhibition curated by Lesley Heller object’hood : Group Exhibition Tom Kotik: Slave to the Rhythm Daniel Wiener: Kooks & Villains and Keep Out: Group exhibition Lothar Osterburg: Babel and Intricate Expanse curated by Mario Naves Grace Knowlton: Survey 1975 – 2014 and Group Exhibition Domestic Ideals: Nostalgia and the Home, Co-curated by Yan Gi Cheng and Peter Gynd Through the Valley: New Paintings by Devin Powers and Group Exhibition: Cut, Carve, Chisel, Sculpt Brenda Garand: Northern Passage Tom Pnini, Ballade to the Double and Destructure: Group Exhibition Dark Map: Group Exhibition Ming Fay: Figures Intangible: Group Exhibition Katherine Newbegin: Vacant and Enticing Luminosity: Group Exhibition Deborah Brown: Outer Limits Deborah Brown speaks on her work Clouds Ted Larsen: Do Not Stack! The Language of Painting Fran Siegel: Plans and Interruptions Into the Vortex Ron Gorchov MatinĂ©e Yardsale Poetry Reading: Geoffrey O’Brien and Barry Schwabsky from “Heads in Limbo” Shoot: Group Exhibition Sara Sosnowy Nene Humphrey: Circling the Center “Stack” and “The New Picture Plane” X-tra Modern Times Ken Buhler: Birdlands Devin Powers: Paintings