Archived shows at Lisa Cooley:

Jeff Witscher: August Fiona Connor: On What Remains, Part Two Hannah Black: Credits Alice Channer, Lucy Kim, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Ingrid Wiener Jenna Bliss with Walter Bosque and Gil Fagiani: A History of Lincoln Detox Jenna Bliss: Brain-Sick Visions Cheat Her Tortured Mind Susan Bee and Mira Schor: M/E/A/N/I/N/G Susan Bee: Monster Mitt Ben Vida: [Smile on.] . . . [Pause.] . . . [Smile off.] Sue Tompkins: performance Sue Tompkins: When Wayne Went Away Honza Zamojski: Conflict Tamio Shiraishi: Ten O’Clock Theatre of the Lust People Cynthia Daignault: Light Atlas Cynthia Daignault Zachary Leener and Anne Neukamp/ Caitlin Keogh Fiona Connor: On What Remains, Part One Alice Channer: Half-life Trudy Benson: Shapes of Things and Fiona Connor: On What Remains Margo Wolowiec: Corrections and Exposures Matthew Darbyshire: Suite Lucy Kim: A Parrot in a Bell Lucy Kim: A Parrot in a Bell Josh Faught: Christmas Creep and Charlie Hammond: Plate Interference Andy Coolquitt: somebody place Itself Not So: Group Exhibition Eric’s Trip: Group Exhibition Michael Bauer: Creme Wars – Snoopie Cynthia Daignault: Das Tauschregal Carter: Beside Myself We play at Paste: Group Exhibition Stay in Love: Group Exhibition Stay in Love, curated by Chris Sharp Performance: Essex Olivares: Office Riddim Cynthia Daignault The String and the Mirror, Organized by Lawrence Kumpf and Justin Luke Antibody Erin Shirreff: Day is Long Alan Reid: Poems, Sans Souci Becky Beasley, Alicja Kwade Air de Pied-à-terre Alice Channer: Cold Blood