Archived shows at Locks Gallery:

Edna Andrade: Symmetries; Edna Andrade: Prints Louise Belcourt Annual Holiday Show The Space Between Lines Neysa Grassi: Intertwine, Unwind Sarah McEneaney: When You Wish Edna Andrade: Paintings and Works on Paper Summer ‘16 Tim Portlock: Ash and Gold Jane Irish: A Rapid Whirling on the Heel Jennifer Bartlett, The Mind in Action: Early Drawings and Plates: 1968-1975 Pop Réal Lee + Sussman: No food No money No jewels: a film you walk through Joan Tanner: Persistent contact: Works on paper Holiday Show Ellen Harvey: The Museum of Ornamental Leaves and Other Monochromatic Collections Jennifer Bartlett: Hospital paintings Marcus Harvey Elizabeth Osborne Inside From dusk till dawn: Summer Group Show Free Fall: Lynda Benglis and Polly Apfelbaum Edna Andrade: Astrologer’s Garden Natural Impulses Neysa Grassi: Foreign Language Ellen Harvey and Ena Swansea: Sight Unseen It’s Not the Numbers Thomas Chimes: The Body in Spirals John Moore: Allusion Virgil Marti: Forest Park Jennifer Bartlett: In the Garden (1980–83) Of Other Spaces: video works by David Dempewolf, Ragnar Kjartansson, and Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib: Mirrors, Marks & Loops Pat Steir: For Philadelphia Jun Kaneko: A Stage for a Shared Dream Warren Rohrer: Message Bearer and Neysa Grassi: Endless Source Yeesookyung: The Meaning of Time and Robert Rauschenberg Rob Wynne: The Lure of Unknown Regions Beyond the Rim of Experience Nancy Graves: Synecdoche Sarah McEneaney: Trestletown Simon Lee/ Eve Sussman: A Side Window Elizabeth Osborne: Luminous Gestures Jennifer Bartlett: Chaos Theory 1972-2013 Lynda Benglis: Everything Flows Jane Irish: Sông Hu’o’ng: Withdrawing Room Catch as Catch Can Sarah McCoubrey: Fate and Transport