Archived shows at Lori Bookstein Fine Art:

Eve Aschheim: Drawings and Photograms Louise Kruger: Political Work In Good Company: group exhibition Diana Horowitz: Italian Landscapes Paul Resika: Recent Paintings Elena Sisto in Conversation with Tom Burckhardt Elena Sisto: Afternoons Jan Müller: From Mosaic into Man; John Crawford: One Sculpture Group 2015-2016: Eve Aschheim, Olive Ayhens, Sharon Horvath, Tine Lundsfryd, Janet Malcolm, Susannah Phillips, Elena Sisto, and Helen Miranda Wilson Helen Miranda Wilson: Winter Helen Miranda Wilson: Winter Susannah Phillips: New Work Hiroyuki Hamada: Paintings/Tabitha Vevers: Lover’s eyes: Selfies Paul Resika: Provincetown in New York Bruce Gagnier: Corpus and Ralph Albert Blakelock Henry Rothman: Collages John Dubrow: Transformations Antonakos : 1977-1978, Cuts and a Wall Anne Tabachnick: Object as Muse and Eric Holzman: Small Paintings Willard Boepple: Sculpture and Helen Miranda Wilson: Kuba Cueneiform Quilts Sharon Horvath: Cosmicomics New Paintings Louise Kruger: 1924-2013 A Memorial Exhibition Willard Boepple: Monoprints and Leland Bell: Morning Series Olive Ayhens: Interior Wilderness John Crawford Eve Aschheim and Still Life Speaking Through Paint: Hans Hoffman’s Legacy Today – Group Exhibition Janet Malcom: The Emily Dickinson Series Walker Buckner: Recent Paintings Tine Lundsfryd: Circles, Flowers, Feathers, Beetles, Hearts… Varujan Boghosian: Eye ? Duchamp Hiroyuki Hamada Mark Strand: Collages Paul Resika: 1947-48 [Mostly] White: Group Show *(people that work here) Group Show: Heavy Metal Tabitha Vevers: Lover’s Eyes Elena Sisto: Between Silver Light and Orange Shadow James Weingrod: The Open Window Project John Dubrow: Recent Work Antonakos: Pillows 1962-1963 Under the Influence Susannah Phillips: Paintings and Drawings Louis I. Kahn: In the Park Helen Miranda Wilson: New Paintings