Archived shows at Lyons Wier Gallery:

Cayce Zavaglia: About-Face James Gortner: New Work Group Show Every Day is an Art Fair Stephanie Buer: Unknown Ways Michelle Doll: Between Love and Me Jeff Muhs James Rieck: Color Safe Gallery Artists Summer Group Show Aaron Nagel James Austin Murray: The Mystery of Light Mary Henderson: Sunday Paintings Seeking Engagement NSA: Group Exhibition MIA in MIA : Group Exhibition Stephanie Hirsch: I’d Rather Die on My Feet than Live on My Knees Greg Haberny: Burn All Crayons Summer Session Chrisa Biddy James Gortner: The Lovers James Rieck: On Location Retuning Reality: Alex Bierk, Stephanie Buer, Richard Haden, Jason A. Maas, Kevin Peterson and Jeff Ramirez Up Next! New Talent: A Saturday Brunch Affair Melodie Provenzano: Rock Center Aaron Nagel: Sovereign Fahamu Pecou: All Dat Glitters Ain’t Goals Material Matters Jason Yarmosky: Elder Kinder David Lyle: Misbehaving David Lyle: Misbehaving Chris Cosnowski: American Metal Resourced: The Influence of Photography on Contemporary Art Jazz-minh Moore: Is That All There Is? Martin Wittfooth: The Passions Laura Ortiz Vega: Cosmograffiti Cayce Zavaglia: Multiple Stitches Laura Ortiz Vega: Cosmograffiti Stephanie Hirsch: Find Your Freedom Martin Wittfooth: The Passions Tim Okamura: “Bronx . Brooklyn . Queens” Group Exhibition: UNDER THE RADAR Under the Radar: Group Show 24/7: Always On: A group show divided between our 24th Street and 7th Avenue locations Mary Henderson: Bathers Vadis Turner Andres Basurto: Inspired By a True Story Fahamu Pecou: Art History Next James Rieck: Enter the Dragon Here & Now In the Ceramics Studio Sin-Ying Ho, Jeff Irwin, Jeffrey Mongrain, Robert Silverman: Boom & Bust: Ceramic Commentary Jan Huling: Walking Under Ladders Beast Patte Loper: The Sky is Burning, the Sea Aflame Christophe Roberts: Journey of a Thousand Eyes Hebru Brantley: Wait a Cotton Picking Minute Autumn Art Preview The August Edition of The Art Bazaar Mint and Serf: Special Graffiti Unit David Foox: As Within So Without Jazz-minh Moore: Slipping Sideways Amanda Besi: Riding Lessons David Lyle: At the End of the Day James Rieck: Mead Hall