Archived shows at Miyako Yoshinaga:

Hitoshi Fugo: Flying Frying Pan Mari Minato: Space Parts Jonathan Hammer: Blindness and sight Kazuo Kitai: Students Workers Villagers 1964-1978 Conor McGrady: Intrusion Emi Anrakuji: 1800 Millimètre Joo Myung: Duck Motherland Jose Luis Farinas: Borderline Dysfunction Mayume Lake: Latent Heat Mayumi Lake: Latent Heat Issei Suda: Life in Flower Bianca Sforni: Trees from the Pacific Shores Yojiro Imasaka: Sleeping Beauty Manika Nagare: Line of Sight Manika Nagare: Line of Sight Nocturnal Labyrinth: Group Exhibition Dominique Paul: Unnatural Selections Emi Anrakuji: O Mapa Eikoh Hosoe: Curated Body (1959-1970) It’s In The Cards Curated by David Gimbert Hans Benda: Something On Water Joseph Burwell: A Survey of Nonexistence at a Glance Jose Luis Fariñas: Souls Documents Jose Luis Farinas: Soul’s Documents Yu Yamauchi: Dawn Cleverson Oliveira GALÁXIAS Milcho Manchevski: Five Drops of Dream Jonathan Hammer: Paranormal Nightlight Takahiro Kaneyama: Shades of the Departed Emna Zghal: Plato/Pineapple Supernatureal: Group Show Yojiro Imasaka: Landscape 2011 Carolyn Swiszcz: A Thin Place Hans Benda, Rodney Dickson, Pouran Jinchi, Takahiro Kaneyama: Till All Is Green Emi Anrakuji: A Decent Life Interior: Group Show Yana Dimitrova: Tomorrow and Tomorrow Conor McGrady: The Judgment of History Takahiro Kaneyama Tomoaki Hata: The Night Is Still Young Jose Luis Fariñas: Skirting the Apocalypse Yumi Kori: Solo Exhibition Mayumi Lake Curated by Yukiko Koide: Japanese Outsider Art Inbal Abergil: 24 Frames Per Second Hans Brenda: Can’t Be What it Looks Like Jonathan Hammer: Kovno/Kobe