Archived shows at Magnan Metz Gallery:

Sean Slemon : Origin Unknown (Africa) A Weekend in the Country: Group Exhibition 1,305 Millas: Atemporal / 1,305 Miles: Atemporal: Curated by Solveig Font Ariana Page Russell: Broad Channels Amelia Biewald: Big Brass / Light Opera Alexandre Arrechea: The Map and The Fact Magnan Metz Group Exhibition: Destination Unknown David Opdyke: The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be Clive Murphy : Post Neo Proto Demo Duke Riley: See You At The Finish Line Miler Lagos: The Great Tree of Water Miler Lagos: The Great Tree of Life Mangle: Sinergia This Show Means Right Now, Montclair State University MFA Thesis Show Sofia Maldonado: Into Gray Susanna Heller: Phantom Pain Ivan Puig: Not a Car Amelia Biewald: Werther Effects Maya Onoda: Kaleidoscope Roberto Diago: Entire Lineas/Between The Lines James Case-Leal: Generative Lexicon Wenyon & Gamble: A Universe held up for Inspection Alexandre Arrechea: Twisten Horizon Glenda Leon: Listening To Silence Sean Slemon: The Sun Stands Still Ariana Page Russell: Blouse Ernesto Pujol: The Bathers Revisited Miler Lagos: Home Eraser: Group Show Selected Artists Resurfaced: Contemporary Colombian Art Duke Riley: Two Riparian Tales of Undoing Shifting World: New York Debut of Cuban Artists Amelia Biewald: Perfect From Now On Raul Cordero: Make It Plain Alejandro Almanza Pereda: The Heaviest Luggage for the Traveler is the Empty One Raúl Martínez: Eagerly Awaiting Sofia Maldonado: Concrete Jungle: Divas Alicia Alonso: Dances Here Tonight Alexandre Arrechea: Elasticity