Archived shows at Marlborough Chelsea:

Xu Lei: New Works Stephen Kaltenbach: Viewing Room Colliding Alien Cargo: A Group Exhibition Ansel Krut: Cut Flowers Edie Fake; Mark Hagen: The Big Hole; Viewing Room: Andre Razo and David Aron Aïda Ruilova: The Pink Palace; Shara Hughes: Trips I’ve Never Been On; Marco Barrera Group Show: A Solo Exhibition by John Riepenhoff The Future is Ow: Susie Rosmarin, El Franco Lee II , Paul Kremer, Mark Flood, Chris Bexar Viewing Room: Richard Kern Expanding Perceptions: Jack Goldstein, Beverly Pepper, Deborah Remington Keith Mayerson: My American Dream War Games / Stanya Kahn: Die Laughing Brunch Over Troubled Water: Group Exhibition Six Advertisements : Group Exhibition Greg Bogin: Sunny Disposition Brunch Over Troubled Water Tony Matelli: Garden and Julius von Bismarck: Landscape Painting Ari Marcopoulos: L1032015 and Tony Cox & Matthew Ronay: Outer Loop Lauren Luloff: Water Vessels Andrew Kuo and Scott Reeder: It Gets Beta Grear Patterson: Manhattan Beach Devin Troy Strother: Space Jam Broadway Morey Boogie Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe: Floating Chain (High-Res Toni) and Gibb Slife: Mockingbird Drew Heitzler: Paradies Amerika September and Yoshiaki Mochizuki: Grey Noise Another Look at Detroit Mark Hagen: Guest Star Lone Tree: Group Exhibition Davina Semo: Ruder Forms Survive Mike Bouchet: Flood Endless Bummer II / Still Bummin’ Andrew Kuo: You Say Tomato Ansel Krut Robert Lazzarini: (damage) Yoshiaki Mochizuki Robert Lazzarini (damage) EAGLES