Archived shows at Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between Adrián Villar Rojas: The Theater of Disappearance Peder Balke: Painter of Northern Light Company School Painting in India (ca. 1770-1850) Sara Berman’s Closet Irving Penn: Centennial Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin & Han Dynasties (221 B.C.-A.D. 220) Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawing #370 Asian Art at 100: A History in Photographs Cinnabar: The Chinese Art of Carved Lacquer, 14th-19th Century; From the Imperial Theater: Chinese Opera Costumes of the 18th and 19th Centuries; Colors of the Universe: Chinese Hardstone Carvings Late Antique Textiles and Modern Design Collecting the Arts of Mexico Carpets for Kings: Six Masterpieces of Iranian Weaving Show and Tell: Stories in Chinese Painting Arms and Armor from the Islamic World Celebrating the Year of the Rooster Simple Gifts: Shaker at The Met; The Aesthetic Movement in America; Selections from the Collection of Jefferson R. Burdick An Artist of Her Time: Y. G. Srimati and the Indian Style Renaissance Maiolica: Painted Pottery for Shelf and Table; Renaissance Portrait Medals from the Robert Lehman Collection; The Poetics of Place: Contemporary Photographs from the Met Collection William Chappel: City of Memory, Views of Early 19th Century New York Picturing Math: Selections from the Department of Drawings and Prints Splendors of Korean Art Celebrating the Arts of Japan: The Mary Griggs Burke Collection Seurat’s Circus Sideshow The Mysterious Landscapes of Hercules Segers