Archived shows at Morgan Lehman:

JJ Miyaoka-Pakola Brittany Nelson: The Year I Make Contact Nancy Lorenz: Elements and Jeffry Mitchell Selena Kimball: Night Vision Kysa Johnson: The Long Goodbye Paul Wackers : Thank You For Being You and Ruby Onyinyechi: amanze astroturf-rooftop-picnics Kim McCarty/ Edra Soto and Dan Sullivan 20 x 16 New York: Curated by Geoffrey Young Aaron Wexler The Basket Looked Like An Ocean, And I Was Just Throwing Rocks In It and Christopher Russell Rough Cut: Group Exhibition and Cordy Ryman David Rathman and Rubens Ghenov Rob Carter and Laura Ball: Endings Paul Villinski: Paradigm David S. Alleed: Kill Your Darlings Amy Park: 1200′ John Salvest: Object Lessons and Emilie Clark : Everything Drawings Katia Santibañez: Docere, Delectare, Movere Geoffrey Young :The Imposter Frohawk Two Feathers : Heartbreaking and shit, but that’s the globe. The Battle of Manhattan Nicole Cohen: Domestic Concerns Sharon Louden: Community Andrew Schoultz Bathers Nancy Lorenz: New Work Aaron Wexler: The Study Project Space Judith Belzer: Edgelands Bret Slater: THE STUDY Project Space Firelei Baez Kysa Johnson: Empire Loop David S. Allee: Frame of View Kim McCarty: Boys and Girls Emilie Clark : Sweet Corruptions Ryan Wallace: Cusp Nicole Cohen (Project Space) Frohawk Two Feathers: It’s Yours: Wars of the Frenglish Revolution and Other Conflicts 1782-1797 Don Doe: Tossed Overboard Paul Wackers: Of Life The Study Project Space: Dean Monogenis Katia Santibañez: Journey of a Solitary Painter Paul Villinski: Passage Laura Ball: Animus Andrew Schoultz: Unrest and THE STUDY Project Space: Elana Herzog The Study: Matthew Monteith Eric Beltz: Trance Farm Eric Beltz: Trance Farm Jaq Chartier: Slow Color David S. Allee: Dark Day James Meyer: After Kafka Jeff Perrott: Random Walks in Endless Fields Fall Group Show Default State Network Phil Knoll: The Theory of Elegant Design