Archived shows at Muriel Guepin Gallery:

Skylar Fein Parallel Lines: Treasure Frey and Audrey Stone New Works from Keun Young Park Zin Helena Song No Woman, No Cry: Holly Laws, Carmen Lozar and Anne Mourier New Noise: Matthew Conradt Laurent Chéhère : Flying Houses and Patrick Dintino: Spectrum Paintings Bright MatterLAb[au], Numen / For Use, Joanie Lemercier, Nonotak and François Wunschel Patrick Carrara and Inger Johanne Grytting Robert Szot: Woke up on Broadway Illusory Landscapes: Leigh Tarentino and Martina Lindqvist Emerson Cooper: Mending the Labyrinth June Ole Brodersen and James Minden: Towards the Light James Greco: Follow The Leader Nurtured Nature : Esther Traugot, Sara Frantz and Marie Yoho Dorsey Repetition Delirium Treasure Frey and Robert Szot Matthew Conradt & Jennifer Williams Andrea Dezsö, Donald Graham Hershey and Rogelio Manzo: Exposed Andrea Dezsö, Donald Graham Hershey and Rogelio Manzo Lucila Bonfanti, Keun Young Park and Melissa Zexter: Above and Beyond Photography Beatrice Coron, Keun Young Park & Melissa Zexter: Winter 2011 Iviva Olenick: Brooklyn Love Exchange James Greco, Robert Walden, Holly Miller, Audrey Stone Summer Group Show Based on a True Story: Supakitch and Tamiko Kawata Juxtaposed: Beatrice Coron and Robert Szot Landscape of Memories: Group Show Interpolating: Group Show Lori Ellison, Valerie Hammond, Kathranne Knight, Lucas Reiner, Katia Santibanez: Group Show Everett Aison, Matthew Conradt, and Jeanne Verdoux Claudia Sbrissa and Alexandre Guillaume Diversity in Dialogue: Miya Ando, Guy Stanley Philoche and Rosa Ruey