Archived shows at National Academy Museum:

Panel: Pattern & Decoration and Femmage: Then and Now Remembering Womanhouse: Panelists: Kat Griefen, Mira Schor; Faith Wilding Moderated by: Catherine J. Morris Method Order Metric organized by Eric Booker Miriam Schapiro, A Visionary organized by Maura Reilly Global Citizen: The Architecture of Moshe Safdie The Annual 2015: The Depth of the Surface Creative Mischief The Review Panel: David Cohen with Christina Kee, Peter Plagens, Roberta Smith Creative Mischief Review Panel: Sharon Butler, Noah Dillon, John Yau with David Cohen The Review Panel: David Levi-Strauss, Jennifer Samet, and Christian Viveros Fauné join moderator David Cohen Three Artists on Self-Portraiture: Deborah Solomon with Anh Duong, Barkley L. Hendricks and Michele Zaolpany SELF: Portraits of Artists in their Absence Review Panel: Sarah Douglas, Edward Epstein, Lance Esplund Review Panel 10th Anniversary Edition: Ken Johnson, Joan Waltemath, and Marjorie Welish The Review Panel Beyond the Classical: Imagining the Ideal Across Time Annual 2014 The Paradox of Sculpture Philip Pearlstein: Six Paintings, Six Decades Eric Fischl and Robert Berlind: A Conversation The Review Panel: An Evening of Critical Conversation About Art: Stephanie Buhmann, Mario Naves and Saul Ostrow moderated by David Cohen The Review Panel: An Evening of Critical Conversation About Art: Colleen Asper, Donald Kuspit and Joseph Wolin moderated by David Cohen The Review Panel: An Evening of Critical Conversation About Art: Nora Griffin, Drew Lowenstein, and Barry Schwabsky moderated by David Cohen Eric Fischl and Robert Berlind: A Conversation Anders Zorn’s American Associates Anders Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter Painters on Painting: David Diao, Julie Heffernan, Carolee Schneemann, Alexi Worth Walls/ No Walls: Figurative Alternatives, 1966-1986 Stephen Westfall on Neil Welliver Painters on Painting Mavericks: Paul Resika and Stanley Lewis in Conversation See it Loud: Seven Post-War American Painters Spoken Stories About Printed Stories Lecture: William Trost Rihards, Linda S. Ferber, The History of a Reputation The Review Panel: An Evening of Critical Conversation About Art: Eva Díaz, Ken Johnson and Chloé Rossetti moderated by David Cohen “Recent Acquisitions” “Pat Steir: Blue River” “Windows on Fifth: Jennifer Steinkamp” “William Trost Richards: Visions of Land and Sea” “Jeffrey Gibson: Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel” Opening Reception for New Exhibitions “Visualizing Time: Narrative Prints from the National Academy Museum” “Seismic Shifts: 10 Visionaries in Contemporary Art and Architecture” William Baziotes: A Centennial Tribute John Cage: The Sight of Silence Robert Berlind, NA: Mushroom Essays by John Cage Laura Kuhn and Aaron Levy: How to Get Started Kay Larson: Where the Heart Beats maginary Landscape #4 for 12 Radios John Cage’s STEPS: Performed by Stephen Addiss, Directed by Ray Kass Robert Kushner: Silence by John Cage Curator Insights: Her Own Style: An Artist’s Eye with Judith Shea Joan Retallack: Conversation with Cage William Anastasi: The Cage Dialogues: A Memoir Norte Maar: Cage on Vinyl on Marley Alone in the Studio: Women Artists’ Self Portraits Jaime E. Oliver: Silent Drum Bruce Weber: Curator Insights: An American Collection Kenneth Goldsmith: Composition in Retrospect by John Cage Margaret Leng Tan: Suite for Toy Piano and other works by John Cage Architects in Conversation: Jeanne Gang Ellen Pearlman: Nothing and Everything