Archived shows at New Museum:

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye Kaari Upson: Good thing you are not alone Carol Rama: Antibodies Screens Series: GOD Jonathas de Andrade: O Peixe A.K. Burns Raymond Pettibon: A Pen of All Work Cheng Ran: Diary of a Madman Screen Series: Heather Phillipson The Keeper curated by Massimiliano Gioni Hannah Black: Screen Series Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest Simone Leigh: The Waiting Room Eva Papamargariti: Factitious Imprints Nicole Eisenman: Al-ugh-ories Goshka Macuga: Time as Fabric Cally Spooner: On False Tears and Outsourcing Andra Ursuta: Alps Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: Song, Strategy, Sign Anri Sala: Answer Me Cheryl Donegan: Scenes and Commercials Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch Jim Shaw: The end is here Barbara Rossi: Poor traits Wynne Greenwood: Kelley Leonor Antunes: I Stand Like A Mirror Before You Sarah Charlesworth: Doubleworld The Great Ephemeral Albert Oehlen: Home and Garden 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience Christ Ofili: Night and Day Lili Reynaud-Dewar: Live through that?! Here and Elsewhere Camille Henrot: The Restless Earth Robert Cuoghi: Šuillakku Corral Jeanine Oleson: Hear, Here Laure Prouvost: For Forgetting Pawel Althamer: The Neighbors The Rocky Horror Opera Show Sing, Yell, Tell: A Panel on Voice This is the ENDD: The E-Cigarette in Context Laure Prouvost: Screening & Conversation with Assistant Curator, Margot Norton Report on the construction of a spaceship module museum as hub Ferran Adrià and Dan Barber in Conversation with Brett Littman Chris Burden: Extreme Measures Llyn Foulkes Ellen Gallagher: Don’t Axe Me Performance: John Fleck “John Fleck in Residence: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell, Revisited, Curated by Naomi Huth, Travis Chamberlain Screening and Discussion with John Fleck: Blessed Are All the Little Snowballs in Hell Performance: White Mandingos Artist Talk with Llyn Foulkes Don’t Stop: Neophilia, Niche War, Expert Boxes, The Superbody, and Networking the Middle Class “Admission”: An Elastic City: NYC 1993 Walk “Sext Me if You Can” by Karen Finley: Performance and Installation “Admission”: An Elastic City: NYC 1993 Walk “Adhocracy” Queer(ing) Performance Pedagogy: Roundtable with Holly Hughes Rhizome Presents: The Reanimator Lab Performance: Beyond the Limits Talk: The Money Shot: Roundtable with Karen Finley IDEAS CITY Festival: StreetFest and Projects