Archived shows at New York Studio School:

Glenn Goldberg: Plums and Breezes 2018 MFA Thesis Exhibition Anonymous was a Masterpiece: Two-part art sale to benefit the School Lecture: Daniel Belasco on “Becoming Al Held: Abstract Expressionist Paintings from Paris and New York” Closing Reception: Diana Cooper: Gleanings (1997–2018) Diana Cooper: Gleanings (1997–2018) Lecture: Never Ending Mysteries: An Informal Discussion of James Castle and Other Self-Taught Artists: David Breslin, Phillip March Jones, Ann Percy, and Karen Wilkin New York Studio School Open Studio Lecture: Diana Cooper On Her Work Lecture: Rethinking Contemporary Ink Art in China: Robert Morgan Lecture: Matt Bollinger On His Work Lecture: Drawing in Space: The Evolution of Direct Metal Sculpture in the 1950s Work of Seymour Lipton, Ibram Lassaw, and Richard Stankiewicz Lecture: Painting from Life: From Caravaggio to Valentin de Boulogne: Keith Christiansen Lecture: Alexi Worth in Conversation with Lois Dodd Lecture: Stephen Antonakos’s Proscenium: Four Views: Phong Bui, Vincent Katz, Daniel Marzona, Lilly Wei, and Helaine Posner Lecture: Clintel Steed On His Work Lecture: Lee Tribe On His Work Lecture: Peter Benson Miller Painting and Drawing in the Contact Zone: Philip Guston in Postwar Rome Lecture: Tamara Gonzales On Her Work Lecture: Susanna Coffey On Her Work Lecture: Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer: Carmen C. Bambach Lecture: Mark Rothko: Inspiration and Influence: Kathryn Calley Galitz and Christopher Rothko James Castle: People, Places and Things John Walker: The Sea and the Brush New York Studio School Annual Benefit Auction and Dinner honoring Tina Barney, Harry Cooper and Dorothea Rockburne Lecture: Aliza Nisenbaum: On Her Work Lecture: William Corbett: John Walker Drawing Lecture: Akili Tommasino: Machine Envy: Fernand Léger and the Machine Aesthetic, 1909-1955 Lecture: Stephen Westfall: On His Work Discussion: About Elizabeth Murray. Roberta Smith with Jason Andrew Lecture: Breehan James: On Her Work Lecture: Richard Meyer: How to Make a Modern Primitive: The Case of Morris Hirshfield Conversation: Irena Jurek & Doron Langberg, with David Cohen Lecture: Rachel Stern: Artistic and Personal Decisions under a Repressive Regime. The Artist Fritz Ascher (Berlin 1893-1970) Lecture: Cathy Curtis: Elaine de Kooning & Grace Hartigan: Two Ways to Be a Woman Artist at Mid-Century Lecture: Sedrick Huckaby: Look, Think & Respond Lecture: David Carrier, Michael Findlay, Rebecca Taylor & Wallace Whitney: The Gallery of the Future: Fiction or Fact? Lecture: Brandt Junceau: Doll Story Lecture: Barry Schwabsky: Thing, Object, Product, Work Lecture: Peter Saul: On His Work Panel Discussion: The Work of Nicolas Carone: Ro Lohin, David Ramm, Martica Sawin, and John Yau 2017 Alumni Association Invitational (Group Exhibition) Joseph Santore in Conversation with Stephen Westfall & Rosie Lopeman Mike Cloud: lecture: Mixing Survivals Beauteous Strivings: Fritz Ascher – Works on Paper The Thing Unseen: A Centennial Celebration of Nicolas Carone Lois Dickson New York Studio School MFA Thesis Exhibition Tilly Shephard & Ciara Stack: Certificate Completion Exhibition 2017