Archived shows at New York Studio School, The:

As I Am: Painting the Figure in Post-War San Francisco, Curated by Francis Mill and Michael Hackett Face Facts or Headspace: A Group Exhibition Summer Wheat, Pry the lid open Paula Hornbostel, ‘Amplification and Simplification’: The Drawings of Gaston Lachaise 1906-1935 Wade Saunders, What, Why & How Brett Baker, On Painting & Painters’ Table Alexander Nemerov, The School: A Meditation on Diane Arbus’s Untitled Photographs Svetlana Alpers with Alexander Nemerov, Distance and Strangeness/ distance et etrangete Margot Norton, Pia Camil: A Pot for a Latch Odili Odita, The Velocity of Change Herbert George, Why I Look at Sculpture Nancy Boas, Painting the Figure in Post-war San Francisco Laura Mattioli, Vivien Greene & Heather Ewing In Conversation, Unlocking Morandi’s Mysteries: A Personal Perspective Rico Gatson, Making Stuff Robert Morgan, On Throwing Down the Key: Rethinking Art as Tactile Involvement Wendy White, On Her Work Luis Pérez-Oramas, Joaquín Torres-Garcia: The Arcadian Modern Clarity Haynes On Her Work Lawrence Carroll On His Work Sam Messer: Time in the Still Image Margaret McCann: From Rome to Atlantic City Marcelle Polednik West to East: Retracing the Path of Abstract Expressionism 1946-1958 Richard Ryan 1950-2015 Dorothea Rockburne: Materializing Mathematical Concepts into a Visual Form John Lees: In Order of Appearance James Siena and Alain Kirili with David Cohen: Journeys to Sculpture Suzanne McClelland On Her Work David Carrier & Darren Jones: The Contemporary Art Gallery William Kentridge: The Sentimental Machine Presence of Form 2015 Alumni Exhibition Living Threads Summer Invitational Exhibition Extrasensory: The works of Jake Berthot (1939 – 2014) 2015 MFA Thesis Exhibition Certificate Completion Exhibition 2015 The Space Between : Group Exhibition John Dubrow On His Work Angela Dufresne On Her Work Gregory Amenoff On His Work Francesco Guzzetti (Re)defining Standing Sculpture: Italian-American Relationships in the Early 1970s Noreen Naughton and Martica Sawin: The Art and Teaching of Nicolas Carone John Elderfield and Peter Galassi In the Studio: A Conversation Francesco Guzzetti (Re)defining Standing Sculpture: Italian-American Relationships in the Early 1970s Artist Talk: David Humphrey On His Work Artist talk: Ann Gale On Her Work Philippe de Montebello Ars Brevis: The Vulnerability of Art and the Instability of Meaning Rebecca Rabinow: Cubism: The Leonard A. Lauder Collection Alberto Giacometti Drawings: An Intimate View Fred Tomaselli On His Work Dona Nelson On Her WorK Richard Pousette-Dart: An Expanded Consideration Dita Amory: Madame Cézanne Fulvio Testa and David Yezzi: The Freedom of the Artist LECTURE Wednesday, November 12 at 6:30PM
Alexi Worth: The Genius of Jack “King” Kirby
Alice Aycock On Her Work Kurt Knobelsdorf On His Work Mariët Westermann: What Are Art Museums For? Lessons from the Rijksmuseum Andrea Belag and Julian Kreimer In Conversation Louisa Del Giudice: Sabato Rodia’s Towers in Watts Jed Perl and Geoffrey O’Brien: Writing American Art Joanne Greenbaum On Her Work Avis Berman: Becoming William Glackens Stanley Lewis The Tradition of Landscape Painting Jon Gregg: Recent Paintings: 2013 – 2014 James Wolfe Ro Lohin Ro Lohin MFA Thesis Exhibition 2014 Certificate Completion Exhibiton 2014 David Cohen – What to Wear For a Martyrdom: Fashion Tips for Executioners (From Late Quattrocento/Early Cinquecento Masters) Elisa Jensen & Ruth Miller: Place and Passage Rackstraw Downes – Nature and Art are Physical: A Reading Alexander Nagel – The Hinges of the Triptych: Premodern and Modern Art in the 20th Century Claire Sherman On Her Work Mary Heilmann and Jennifer Samet In Conversation Beverly McIver: On Her Work Jack Flam, Phyllis Tuchman and Yasmil Raymond: Robert Smithson 2.0 Elisa Jensen and Ruth Miller in Conversation with William Bailey – The Long View: Still Scenes and Street Lives Nancy Boas on David Park: A Painter’s Life David Carrier, Joachim Pissarro and Barry Schwabsky: Wild Art versus Mild Art Brandt Junceau Morgen and Abend: Kolbe in Berlin Byron Kim, Irving Sandler and Robert Storr: On the Strangeness of What the Eye Sees and How It Sees: A Panel on Philip Pearlstein. Jules de Balincourt, Julie Heffernan, Kyle Staver, moderated by Xico Greenwald: Territory of the Imagination: Three contemporary painters discuss the process of developing meaningful imagery James Siena On His Work Philip Pearlstein – Just the facts : 50 Years of Looking and Drawing and Painting George Grosz in Germany: Works on Paper 1913-1925 Hilary Harkness on her Work Frederick Ilchman: Rethinking the Blockbuster Exhibition — Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese Tina Barney: On Her Work Robert Taplin: On His Work Bruce Altshuler: Exhibitionism — The Display of Contemporary Art Since 1960 Jennifer Samet & Paul Resika: In Conversation Judith Dolkart: To See as the Artist Sees — Albert C. Barnes and the Experiment in Education William Corbett and Roy Davis: Showing Albert York Margaret Cogswell: On Her Work Hrag Vartanian: What’s So Funny About Art? Art Criticism and Humor Lisa Yuskavage and Phong Bui: In Conversation Sabine Rewald: Balthus’s Cats and Girls Louise Fishman: On Her Work Alain Kirili and Father Paul Anel: The Matisse Chapel and Kirili’s Drawings & Sculpture of the Crucifixion Svetlana Alpers and Alexi Worth: A Conversation About Svetlana Alpers’s New Book “Roof Life” Reading the Space: Contemporary Australian Drawing 4 Ying Li and Eve Aschheim: Recent Paintings Avital Burg 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition Dana Schutz: On her work Garth Evans: Little Dancers The Eye is Part of the Mind: Drawings from Life and Art by Leo Steinberg Garth Evans and William Tucker in Conversation with Ann Compton Here and There: British Artists in America Kathryn Galitz Becoming Jacques-Louis David Joan Snyder On her Work Jack Flam Courbet’s Modernity Dana Schutz On her Work Leah Dickerman Inventing Abstraction 1910 – 1925 Catherine Murphy and Roger White In Conversation Simon Carr, David Cohen, and Mari Lyons, With Deborah Rosenthal: The Artist as Craftsman: Walter Richard Sickert on the Craft of Art and Life Martin Kersels On his Work Julian Bell and David Carrier: After the End of Art Melissa Chiu Art in China: An Introduction Svetlana Alpers, David Rosand, Robert Storr with David Cohen: Hands On Rebecca Rabinow: Matisse – In Search of True Painting Donald Bachler: On His Work Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper from the 1940s Fran O’Neill: Recent work Robert Seidman: Eadweard Muybridge – The Artist Who Made Photographs Move Ellen Altfest: On her Work Carol Brown Goldberg and Donald Kuspit: The new Baroque Abstraction Richard Deacon: On his Work Christina Kee and Shura Chernozatonskaya: In Conversation Michael Fried: Thomas Demand’s Pacific Sun William Agee, Walter Darby Bannard and Frank Stella with Karen Wilkin: Hans Hofman – A Closer Look Joan Snyder: On her Work Avis Berman: Roy Lichtenstein – Voices from the Archive Eric Fischl: On his Work Linda Nochlin: Gericault, Goya and the Representation of Misery After the Industrial Revolution In Conversation: Nathlie Provosty and Nicole Wittenberg with David Cohen Carter Ratcliff: Just One Look: On the Gender of Paintings In Conversation: Rackstraw Downes and Ron Milewicz MFA 2012: Thesis Exhibition 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition STEPHEN BROWN, ELIZABETH EASTON and AIMEE BROWN PRICE Vuillard ALISA LAGAMMA Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures MARTICA SWAN The Painter Robert De Niro in Context PHYLLIS TUCHMAN George Segal: The Final Chapter PATRICIA ALBERS Joan Mitchell DAVID COHEN Out of Time: Leap Year Reflections on André Derain PHILIP PEARLSTEIN and DESIREE ALVAREZ Painter/Painted LISA YUSKAVAGE with ALEXI WORTH In Conversation: Artist and Artist/Critic JACQUELINE HUMPHRIES with ANN LANDIE In Conversation: Artist and Writer KATHERINE BRADFORD On her Work ENRIQUE MARTINEZ CELAYA On his Work WILLIAM AGEE, IRVING SANDLER and KAREN WILKIN A Conversation with the Curators: American Vanguards DAVID REED On his Work GREG LINDQUIST On his Work Vita Petersen: In Black and White, The Last Works DAN CAMERON Rebuilding a City Through Art New York Studio School 2011 Alumni Exhibition JEANNE SILVERTHORNE On Her Work Gail Goldsmith: Sculpture MAGDALENA DABROWSKI Beyond Boundaries of Tradition: Drawing by Richard Serra DAN CAMERON Rebuilding a City Through Art CHARLES SIMONDS On his Work DAVID CARRIER with ADELE TUTTER Caravaggio/Poussin SHARON HORVATH On her Work JOHN YAU Poetry Reading JOSEPHINE HALVORSON On her Work MELISSA MEYER and DANA FRANKFORT In Conversation TINA DICKEY Colorists: Genesis and Legacy of the Hans Hofmann School JUDITH LINHARES On her Work SABINE REWALD Beyond the Open Window—from Romanticism to Symbolism CHARLES PALERMO Fantasy of Goodwill: Frank Capra, James Agee, Walker Evans JOAN WALTEMATH On her Work JEANNE SILVERTHORNE On her Work Gail Goldsmith: Sculpture NYSS 2011 Certificate Graduate Exhibition 2011 MFA Thesis Exhibition Certificate Graduate Exhibition Works by Whit Conrad and Olga Sophie Kauppinen Iron and Bronze: Works by Ed Smith and Lee Tribe First In Translation: Works on Paper by New York Studio School Faculty Karlis Rekevics: Ways of Worldmaking Liliane Tomasko: Recent Paintings Decameron: David Cohen’s Decade of Exhibitions at the New York Studio School, 2000-2010 Young Sook-Synn Rebecca Smith: Tape and Steel 2010 MFA Thesis Exhibit