Archived shows at The Painting Center:

Al Peters Thomas Berding The Unstilllife: A Celebration of the Eccentric Possibilities of Still Life Big Idea: Group Show Sarah Lutz and Patricia Spergel: A Conversation Afloat Aubrey Levinthal: Refrigerator Paintings Craig Manister: Slow Looking; James Patrick Reid; Caren Canier: Town & Country Lois Dickson; Pamela Salisbury Band curated by Stephanie Buhmann Louisa Waber: Recent Painting and Drawing Barbara Laube: First Beach and Sue Post: Weed/Garden Loose Canon: Paintings and Drawings by Indiana University Bloomington Master of Fine Arts Candidates John Biebel: Imaginary Portraits and Remembered Cities The Retrieval of the Beautiful: group exhibition Pat Badt: Short Stories; Kathy Cantwell: Nightlines; Suejin Jo: The Rite of Spring Exhibit EH!; Alisa Henriquez: Makeover Culture Disfigured “Something Else” curated by Dee Shapiro & Miriam Brumer David Brown: Urban Scrawl George Schroeder, Nancy Seibert, Bridget O’Donnell, Jack McWhorter: Signals That Gather Color Matters: A Group Exhibition Ulterior Motif curated by Naomi Cohn Alyce Gottesman: Cosmos : Beauty/Martha Sedgwick: Where the Sea Meets the Shore Bill Hochhausen: Situational Painting/Patrick Webb: Tinker Tailor Series Part I & II: New Punchinello Paintings/Matthew Kolodziej: Lost On a Straight Line Colleen Randall: Recent Paintings/ Paul Collins: Into the Yellow Wood Colleen Randall and Paul Collins Misconnections: Group Exhibition and Suzanne Montgomery: Body and Shadow The Writing on the Wall : Susan Post, Colleen Randall, Patricia Spergel Al Peters: Recent Paintings and Thomas Berding: Discard Parade Carmela Kolman: Only Roses; Elizabeth Yamin: Ex Machina; Langdon Quin: Recent Paintings Peter Malone: Paintings and Marianne Van Lent: Prima Materia Talismans: Group Exhibition Variations in Paint : Group Exhibition 21 & Counting: The Painting Center Turns 21 Variations in Paint Lois Dickson: Source+ and Elisa Jensen: Street Lines and Ying Li: From Michael’s Window Jo Ann Rothschild: An Important Day and David Fratkin: Apparitions on a Greyhound Bus Yearning Upwards, Painting Trees: Group Exhibition Inside and Out and Claire McConaughy: Recent Paintings Mona Brody: The Idea of Things and Harriet Finck: Life Forms Fran Shalom: Just This and Molly Herman: Lingua Franca vis-à-vis/ Emily Berger and Claire Seidl and Mark Wethli: New Work Gandy Brodie: City Country City Marianne Gagnier: Of this world Ro Lohin: Snow Paintings Suzanne Laura Kammin: Greater and Lesser Vehicles Materialists Lawrence Terry: Tattoo Skin Andrea Packard: Composite Views Craig Manister: Still Life Martha Sedgwick: The Truro Paintings Alyce Gottesman: Interconnections Art Talk: Effigy Matthias Leutrum: Roof Tar Paintings Patrick Webb: Love’s Progress Effigy Curated by Mona Brody Working It Out: Mona Brody, Alyce Gottesman, Jo Ann Rothschild Galen Cheney: Gut Thomas Berding: Makeshift Futures Marianne Van Lent: Cosmologies Mariam Stephan: Boat-Scapes Rachael Wren: Square Roots Alexander Ayers: Drawings Philip Ayers: Small Portraits John McNamara: A Range of Paintings: 2009 – 2012 Going Into the Dark Wit Alix Bailey Zeuxis: Reflections Necessary Arrangements Carmela Kolman and Patrick Webb Mona Brody: Temenos Jo Ann Rothschild: Garfield Park