Archived shows at Pavel Zoubok Gallery:

Robert Courtright: Many Moons May Wilson: Snowflakes Vanessa German: i am armed. i am an army Purchase Power: group exhibition curated by Mac Premo Mark Wagner: I’m Mark Wagner and I Approve This Message David Poppie: Between Worlds András Böröcz: performance: Leitz & Fuchs Escape Through the Chimney András Böröcz: Profound Objects Mary Bauermeister: Artist Lecture and Performance Mary Bauermeister: Omniverse Artist Lecture: Ivan Chermayeff: Collages and Sculptures Ivan Chermayeff: Collages and Sculptures John Evans, Buster Cleveland, Scarlatina Lust: LOISAIDADA Roger Rothman gallery talk: The Tiny Picture Show the tiny picture show Jane Benson: Play land Barton Lidice Benes: Museology/Eric Rhein : Ordained Lisa Hoke: Attention Shoppers and Laurie Frick: Who are you? What day is it? Max Greis: Samsara Charles McGill: Territories and Andras Borocz, Nancy Grossman, Eric Rhein Raven Schlossberg: Daytrippin’ and Bradley Wester: Discourse # 2 Donna Sharrett: Love Songs and Sampling, curated by Dara Meyers-Kingsley Sari Dienes: The Spirit Lives in Everything and Annie Herd: Auto/Mechanical and Annie Herder: With an Eye Towards Horizons – Photocollages Judy Pfaff: Second Nature Lance Letscher: Real Life Drama, Javier Pinon: Octopussy, Max Premo: It’s Still Later Than you think The Amusing Style Akira Shimuzu: Shattering Scales and Erro: War Heroes and Jiri Kolar: Lexicon Don Joint: Coney Island Blueprints and George Schneeman: Zig Zag Jag Ivan Chermayeff: About Faces and Witold Gordon – Nobody: Collages from the 1940s Stephen Sollins: Correspondence; Imi Hwangbo: Portals; Maritta Tapanainen: Turangalila. Hooray for Hollywood! In collaboration with Mixed Greens Salvatore Meo: Reclamation András Böröcz: Playtime Vanessa German: Homewood Lisa Nilsson: Connective Tissue Money, Power, Sex & Mark Wagner Ecce Homo Minimal Intervention Robert Courtright: Divine Proportion Mac Premo: Relatively Nothing to See Here Charles McGill: Shaman Kuehne / Klein: Somewhere Only We Know Kuehne / Klein: Somewhere Only We Know Raven Schlossberg: To The Manner Born KUEHNE / KLEIN: SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW Buster Cleveland: Ok Buster Barton Lidice Benes: The Thrill of the Hunt