Archived shows at Phoenix Gallery:

What’s right, what’s left: Democracy in America Pamela Bennett Ader: Legal vows Harriet Sobie Goldstein: Series in gold Winn Rea: Topo-Shift 2 /Lisa Hoch : Indigo Night Salute to Women in the Arts: SALUTE In the City Laufey Vilhjalmsdottir Bustany: Wild Flowers and Mary Alice Copp: Disequilibrium Sydney Drum: “Digital Painting” Associates: Jessica Gondek , John Hampshire, Young Ja Yoon, David Weinberg Elise Ansel: Palimpsest Gretl Bauer and Christa Toole Here we are: Phoenix Gallery artists Joseph Brown & Louise Weinberg Pamela Flynn: Forget-Me-Not and syn.the.sis: Group Exhibition Cecily Barth Firestein Leslie Carabas: Conversations Around Aging: The Band-Aid Series Fiber Phoenix Gallery Associate Artists Winn Rea : Flow – Process Drawings and Videos from the Field Jung Rhee Shim: the Image of Time-the Light of Being Louise Weinberg: Connect/Disconnect Elise Ansel and Wayne Paige Mark Dorf: Environmental Occupations INSIDE OUT: new works by Leslie Carabas Sydney Drum: Digital Painting; Alia Pialtos Group Show (Galleries 1&2) Hee Hyoun Chung: Primeval Deserts Group Show Harriet Sobie Goldstein: Softly Dreaming; Jung Rhee Shim: Wind and Clouds in Paris Steven Miller: I Didn’t Promise you a Rose Garden Busser Howell: Reworked 2011 Beth Cartland:The Shape of Color and Christa Toole: Anti-Matter Han Beck: Twitter in 2011 National Juried Exhibition Allan Gorman: Early Light 2010 Gretl Bauer: Works on paper and Sculpture and Laufey Vilhjalmsdottir Bustan: Lebanony Pamela Bennet Ader: Photo Flower Collage Group Show: John Hampshire, Peter V.D. Kreeke, Louise Weinberg River that runs Both Ways: New Sculpture and Drawings by Joan Harmon & Pat Hickman Pamela Flynn: Barriers Winn Rea: Topo 2: Displacement New Blood: National MFA Exhibition Phoenix Gallery Artists Laura Westby: Tears of the Sun Joseph Brown: Bodies in Motion Sydney Drum: Digital Painting Guna S. Mundheim: Watercolors and Drawings Steven Miller: Spendor in the Grass 33 Artists-35 Korean American Contemporary Artists 2010 National Juried Exhibition: juried by Robert Storr Patricial Ingersol: Meridian Gary Paul Stutler: Viscera Botanica Harriet Goldstein: About a Beach Busser Howell: Circle Squared