Archived shows at Pierogi (old):

Performance: Kurt Hoffman, Tim Spelios, David Scher, Michael Ballou Michael Ballou: Mud and Toys John Phillip Abbott: On Any Sunday Identities : Group Exhibition Daniel Zeller: Immiscible Cohesion Jane Fine: Contents Under Pressure/Kirsten Deirup, Jonathan Herder, and Johan Nobell John Phillip Abbott, Beth Campbell, Kathryn Refi, Ken Weathersby Mark Reynolds Darina Karpov Yoon Lee Dawn Clements: Mother’s Day Patrick Jacobs Brian Dewan: Pop and Paregoric David Scher: Suspended Interruption PIEROGI XX: Twentieth Anniversary Sermin Kardestuncer Kim Jones :mountain girl door Reed Anderson: The Way You Look Is the Way I Feel Idiom II: Group Exhibition Idiom II Idiom 1 Larry Krone Jim Torok John O’Connor: The Machine and the Ghost Ati Maier Unhinged Mark Reynolds Daniel Zeller James Esber Tony Fitzpatrick: The Other Kind Nadja Bournonville Sarah Walker Darina Karpov Yoon Lee: Road to Absolution Ryan Mrozowksi Jane Fine Ward Shelley: Unreliable Narrator Dawn Clements David Brody: Journey to the Center of the Earth; Lynn Talbot: No Consequences David Scher: Between the Acts: the Bagnolo Suite Brian Dewan: The Tide Waits For No Man (a new Film Strip) Michael Schall: Wall Cloud (New works on paper) and Tony Fitzpatrick: Nickel History: The Nation of Heat (New etchings) SUBJECTIVE / OBJECTIVE John J. O’Connor: What is Toronto??? John O’Connor: What is Toronto??? Tom Burkhardt: Louder Milk Mark Lombardi: Index Patrick Jacobs: Familiar Terrain James Esber: You, Me and Everybody Else Ati Maier Daniel Zeller David Scher: Regular is Best Instructions Not Included Darina Karpov: Wayward Sarah Walker: Edge of Everywhere (Gallery 1) Ryan Mrozowski: Luminous Fleas Ken Weathersby: Perfect Mismatch (Gallery 2)