Archived shows at Pleiades Gallery:

Vanessa Espinosa + Cathleen KB Gruen Wintertide: Invitational Show Lisa Hirkaler + Shruti Thaker Kathleen Gefell and Group Show: Cybergs, Crustaceans, Butterflies Ginny Howsam Friedman and Rob Miller Summer in the City Invitational Tina Chen and Youngsheen A. Jhe Hilda Demsky and Alexander Rees Spring Fever Invitational 42nd ANNUAL Pleiades Members Group Show Friends of Pleiades Invitational Yu-Whuan / Bernice Leibowitz : Sound of Color Janese Hexon / Jackie Etling Sheila Finnigan / Ken Nelson Lisa Ocasio Hirkaler and Lois Walker Ginger Hendler: Interior Design: Little Windows, Empty Spaces, and Faerie Chimneys and Rudolph Kinsky: Changes Errol Gordon and Arleen Mark Ed Brodkin and Kathleen Grefell Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos and Much ado about whatever: Barbara Fracchia 41st Annual Members Group Show & JDRF Benefit Event Small Works Show 19th Friends of Pleiades Invitational Hilda Green Demsky and Trine Giaever Ellen Bradshaw and Dragan Vujovic Lenore Fiore Mills: Pennsylvania Winter New York Summer and Jiyong Park and and Lenore Fiore Mills Youngsheen a. Jhe and Rob Rush Ellie Barrett Wilder and Alexander Rees Lisa Tureson and Sharon H.J. Cheng David Tobey and Tina Chen Zehav Wolosky and Kathleen Gefell 40th Annual Members Group Show Friends of Pleiades Ginger Balizer-Hendler and Ed Brodkin Janese Hexon: Images of Remembered Feelings Barbara Fracchia: Gotham’s Hoofed Heroes Jackie Etling: The Language of Trees Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos: Works on Paper Sheila Finnigan and Ruth Lull Dean Lent and Philip Levine Errol Gordon and Michael Grine Renee E. Rubin Ellen Bradshaw and Kathleen Gefell Rob Rush and Tatham Smith Art is Good For You: Group Show Don Stacy: Retrospective Friends of Pleiades Trine Giaever and Jiyong Park Bernice Liebowitz and Phoebe Hawkins Nancy Fairchild and Hilda Demsky