Archived shows at Printed Matter, Inc.:

Eduardo Kac: book launch of Space Poetry and Reading Barbara Rosenthal: Evening of MEDIA POETRY with Barbara Rosenthal Jon Rafman: Nine Eyes – Book launch and screening Conversation: Delirium and Resistance John Dowd: The John Dowd Fan Club Kate Zambreno: Burying the Book: A Melancholy Eleanora Antinova: An Artist’s Life – A reading with Eleanor Antin Book Launch: Joseph Flynn: Prayer Closet Jenny Holzer & Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Poster works on display Charlotte Moorman & friends: Vintage Poster Sale J. Morrison: Homocats: Kittens Against Trump Book Launch: Sex Magazine: #1-10 2012-2015 – Edited by Asher Penn Justseeds Artists Cooperative: Politics Neither Begins Nor Ends With Elections GIFTLAND X : @POCALPY$E A holiday sale of artists’ multiples abC – Art Book in China Rosa Barba: The Color Out of Space: Book Launch and Conversation Publication launch: Trapper Keeper 4 edited by Panayiotis Terzis & Precog 2: edited by Florencia Escudero & Gaby Collins-Fernandez An evening with RATSTAR press Indecipherable Nonsense: Zines and Works on Paper by Noah Lyon Linus Bill and Adrien Horni installation at Printed Matter Artists Books of Dorothy Iannone and Ray Johson and Friends fierce pussy’s For the Record window installation Book Launch: Michael Bell-Smith Book Signing and Lecture: Project Inc., Revisited By Paul McMahon Eve Fowler and Sam Gordon Lecture: Reculer pour Mieux Sauter (Vol 2-5) with Anne-Marie Levine Lecture: Launch for Another Pamphlet No. 5, Symmetry Brian Gormley, Michael Carter: On Bolus Head, Book Launch