Archived shows at Soho20:

Darla Bjork: Torii/ Gate and Sable Elyse Smith: Blue is Ubiquitous and Forbidden Artist talk: Petra Nimtz and Lindsay Packer. Petra Nimtz: Everything Is the Same, Nothing Is the Same UP CLOSE: Group Exhibition Ginny Fox: Intimate Universe and Francine LeClercq: I Am Your Labyrinth Carla Hernandez: To the Beat of Her Own Drum Panel discussion: Artist as ally Kelly Savage: Pestering Artist talk: Negin Sharfizadeh Negin Sharfizadeh: Story of a curse Susan Brownell : Island Views Nana Olivas: Pieces Eleonora Tammes : Works on Paper Annual Members Group Exhibition Under Construction: Juried Exhibition Coeleen Kiebert: Navigating Other Realms Anne Elliott: Fire and Ice Lucy Hodgson: No Man’s Land and Beyond Eve Ingalls: The Drawing May No Longer Be Accurate Relational Ground: Defying the Status Quo Ann Young: In A Dangerous Time David Reinfeld: OAXACA / Winter 2013 Aphrodite Désirée Navab: I Am Not a Miniature Darla Bjork: Windows Elizabeth Bisbing: More life than still Women In Charge! HERoica Nefertiti Ingalls: Identity is the way I look Monica Bock: Without Irreverence Gongsan Kim: Trampled Ember Elaine Shor: Hidden Influence Becky Franco: Chosen Suzanne Stroebe: This is repetitive/But nothing has changed Lannie Hart: Phenomenal Women Patricia Espinosa: Popping Into Abstraction Joan Ryan: Ruinlust selection Women Redrawing the World Stage ALWAYS / NEVER Marielis Seyler: Who Are We Fran Bull / Nora Valdez: Home / Hogar; Anne Elliott: Painting Poetry Nana Olivas: All Alone Lucy Hodgson: Sucking It Up and Blowing It Out: The Consequences of Greed Eve Ingalls: Out of Place and Time Julia Berkman: Blip. Joelle Dietrick, Meg Mitchell and Judy Rushin: The Non-I Protects the I Folles d’Hiver: Group Show Darla Bjork: Fire Series: Recent Paintings Anne Q. McKeown: Eleven Thousand Nights, Mariangeles Soto-Diaz: Gifting Abstraction, Julie Karabenick: Color-Form-Structure Cathleen Cohen: Poetry between us Aphrodite Désirée Navab: Super east-west Woman: Forty Pillars 16 Annual International Exhibition National Affiliates Exhibition Monica Bock: Home sick Lucy Hodgson: Unnatural Disasters Celeste Rapone: Costume required Linda Freeman: The imaginary Landscape Series Marielis Seyler: Penelope the Heroine Elizabeth Bisbing: Writ Small Elaine Shor: Attraction and Reaction Fay Stanford: Love and Dementia Impromptu: Group Show Exhibition and Silent Auction benefiting the Ellen Hoffman Fellowship Funds Patricia Berube: Recent Work Eleonora Tammes: Works on Paper Jane Voorhees: The Abstraction of Memory Robin Starbuck: Tribe / Nation / Survivance Between the Lines: Group Exhibition of Soho20 Member Artists 15 Annual International Exhibition New Directions: National Affiliates 2010 University of Connecticut MFA Graduates: Future Shock Kathy Stark: Interior Landscapes (gallery I) Katarina Reising Lannie Hart: Steel Lace