Archived shows at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects:

Tom Burckhardt, Clare Grill, Sangram Majumdar panel discussion Tom Burckhardt, Clare Grill, Sangram Majumdar: Real States Matt Phillips: Comfort Inn Eleanor Ray: paintings Gregory Gillespie: rorschaching Kyle Staver: Tall Tales Back to School Season Alison Hall: East of Blue; Todd Bienvenu and Clintel Steed Jane Dickson: Seen June Leaf: Drawings Yevgeniya Baras: Of Things Soothsaid and Spoken Ann Gale: Paintings and Drawings Stuart Shils: because i have no interest in those questions… E. M. Saniga: Artifacts Leaves: A survey of contemporary drawings and works on paper The Jam 3.0: Group show and installation Sandro Chia: Sator Arepo Eleanor Ray: Paintings and Repetitive Motion: Group Exhibition Gideon Bok: Welcome to the Afterfuture Susanna Coffey: Elemental Sangram Majumdar: Peel Lester Johnson: Dark Paintings Katherine Bradford: Small Ships Summer Session Seymour Remenick: Visual Perception Rosemarie Beck: Le Maquillage/Magdalen dooroomwindow Peter LaBier: Drawings Matt Phillips: this, and then Eleanor Ray: Paintings Julian Bell: Paintings Paul Resika: 8 + 8 From Life Stuart Shils: The Residue of Memory Susanna Coffey: Nocturnes Dark Matters (Group Show) Sangram Majumdar: New Work Bob Thompson: Drawings Lester Johnson: Last Paintings The Gap: Kurt Knobelsdorf, Sangram Majumdar, Stuart Shils Bill Rice: Paintings and Works on Paper Pink Moon: A group Exhibition inspired by Nick Drake’s Album Gandy Brodie/Bob Thompson: The Ecstasy of Influence Kurt Knobelsdorf: Postcard from Florida E.M. Saniga: Paintings In the Light of Corot