Archived shows at Studio 10:

Adam Simon and Keith Sanborn in Conversation Adam Simon: ICONS Kate Teale: I am not empty, I am open Panel discussion of Agnes Martin, Her Life and Art (text + sound): An evening of text and sound; Closing event: Audra Wolowiec: [ ] Audra Wolowiec: [ ] Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios: “Child’s Play”: Endless Broken Time performance Charles Yuen: Crypto-Somatic Incantation: New Paintings Discussion: Tom Butter and Paul D’Agostino: Ins & Outs of IN : OUT :: OUT : IN Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios; performance: “Mirror Mirror” Tom Butter; In : Out :: Out : In :: Meg Hitchcock: Verbatim Elana Herzog: SHIFT; The Angel Of History tightrope walking over delusions swampland : Group exhibition Richard Garet: Meta-residue:input,material,space Pretext : Bjoern Meyer Ebrecht, Isa Barrett, Joe Amrhein Audra Wolowiec Tim Spelios and Matt Freedman: Once Upon A Broken Time Fred Valentine Patrick Killoran Caroline Cox: Porous Jude Tallichet: U Turn Michele Araujo: Comfort Zone Rico Gatson: When She Speaks John Avelluto: Disintegrator Erik Moskowitz and Amanda Trager: The Story of Elfranko Wessels Susan Silas: love in the ruins; sex over 50 Adam Simon: Swipe David Henderson and Douglas Henderson: The Sea Is A Big Green Lens David Schafer: Four Letters to Mahler Meg Hitchcock: Land of Bliss Tim Spelios: Do Not Use Horn Use Bell Stephen Moore and Scott Smallwood: ‘Visuals’ by Evidence North of My Brain, South of My Ass: Hats and Shoes by Artists Matt Freedman: Relatively Indolent but Relentless Kate Teale: The Sea Is All Around Us Kate Teale: The Sea Is All Around Us Group Exhibition Phyllis Baldino: Per Future The Holiday Show: Matt Freedman and Mike Ballou Richard Garet: The Spacious Now and The Scale of the Instantaneous Mary Carlson: Beautiful Beast