Archived shows at Tibor de Nagy:

Vera Iliatova; Sarah McEneaney Correspondences (Group Exhibition) John Ashbery: New Collages; Nell Blaine: Selected Works Nell Blaine: Selected Works; John Ashbery: New Collages Fairfield Porter: Things As They Are John Beerman: Recent Paintings Objecty: A Group Exhibition Louisa Matthíasdóttir: Icelandic Landscapes; Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson: Woven Works John Newman in Conversation with Glenn Adamson John Newman: Spoonfulls Jess: Movie Posters and Selected Works Jane Freilicher: Theme and Variations / Joe Brainard: Selected works Andrew Masullo: Recent Paintings and Jen Mazza: \ /\/\/\/\/\ /\\\\\\\\\///////////\ A painting is a machcine John O’Reilly: Montages 1968 – 2015/Susan Jane Walp: Paintings on Paper John Ashbery & Guy Maddin Biala, Blaine, Brainard, Burckhardt, Evans, Grooms, Rivers Tom Burckhardt: AKA Incognito Biala, Blaine, Butterly, Freilicher, Murphy, Wilke, Selected works and Shirley Jaffe: Paintings and Works on Paper Larry Rivers: Shadow and Substance Rudy Burkhardt: Subterranean Monuments: A Centenary Celebration Sarah McEneaney: Studio Living and Hannah Wilke: Selected Work 1963-1990 John Beerman: Land and Spirit and Jane Freilicher: Prints and Works on Paper Starting Out: 9 Abstract Painters 1959 – 1971 John Newman: Fit Kathy Butterly : Enter and Jen Mazza: Graft Richard Baker : Holiday Jess : Looking Past Seeing Through Louisa Matthiasdottir: Paintings and Works on Paper David Kapp: Collages Kyle Staver: Recent Paintings Shirley Jaffe: Paintings from the 1970s Biala and Brustlein Robert Kulicke: Selected Works 404 E 14th, Organized by Tom Burckhardt Jane Freilicher: Painter Among Poets Interior Ilse Murdock: “It’s” Patricia Broderick: Selected Paintings Trevor Winkfield: New Paintings Fabulists Tom Burckhardt Susan Jane Walp