Archived shows at Viridian Artists:

Angela Smith: Augmented Her: AFAIK;ATM Art From Detritus: 20th Anniversary Taking Flight: A Retrospective of Sculpted Linen Works Janet L. Bohman Viridian Affiliates, Beyond Reality Holiday Group Show 45 Years: Viridian Artists Past and Present, Part 2 Viridian’s 45th Anniversary Show (Part 1) Wally Gilbert: Transformations “IDEA(S)” : 7 Viridian Affiliates Director’s Choice: From Virtual To Actual II Group Exhibition Alan Gaynor: Remembrances Renee Borkow: In The City Namiyo Kubo: Sailing Afloat in Namiyo Kubo‘s Ocean of Light Valerii Klymchuk : Cultural Differences Once Upon A Time Viridian Artists & Friends Arthur Dworin: IRON-Y – From Swords to Plowshares Robert Mielenhausen: Bike Works Darryl Moody: A Moment On The Walls Kiyoshi Kawaguchi: The Window: People in the City HOT: A Group Exhibition of Steamy Art The 24th Annual International Juried Exhibition John Cullen: All About Reflections Bob Tomlinson: Divas & Heroes Susan Sills Virginia Evans Smit: “F” is for Flowers, Fish And Fragments Wally Gilbert: New Black and White Images Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff: Recieved Images Endings And Beginnings: Viridian Artists & Friends Picture Perfect 2 Robert Mielenhausen Kathleen King: LIFE after LIFE Yin & Yang: Fusing Complementary Opposites Tazuko Fuji and Oi Sawa Bernice Faegenburg May Deviney Second Annual National and International Juried Photography Exhibition New Members: Group Show Holiday Group Show Namiyo Kubo: Water Series Vol. 19 ‘The Ocean of Light’ Group Show: Moved Dorothy Hourihan: A Flower Show Robert Smith: The GRAND minute New Artists & Affiliates Wally Gilbert: Geometric Series: Squares, Triangles, and Lines Deborah Sudran: Paintings New Members & Affiliates Art*Thought* Gift : Viridian Artists and Friends Holiday Show 16th Anniversary of Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination, curated by Vernita Nemec Arthur Dworin: Inner Fire-Oil Paintings on Linen and Canvas Bob Tomlinson: Love and Other Sorrows Don Zurlo: The Inconstant Illusion 21st International Juried Show Kathleen King: Divas: Recent Work Carol Benisatto: Harlots & Hometown Girls