Archived shows at Walter Wickiser Gallery:

Ralph L. Wickiser: Retrospective 1950-1998 Michael Price: Evolution of A Myth Soile Yli-Mäyry: Recent Paintings Liam Bannon Joan Miller Charles Shucker (1908-1998): Recent Paintings Mally Khorasantchi: Non Objectivity IV Mark Sharp: Non Objectivity IV Ethel Gittlin: The Story Continues Dina Gustin Baker, Frieda Howling, Renée Lerner, and Edwin Wilwayco: The New Abstractionists X Dina Gustin Baker, Frieda Howling, Renée Lerner, Edwin Wilwayco: The New Abstractionists X Gallery Artists Part XIII: group exhibition Nadaleena Mirat Brettmann Marian Bingham: Equestrians The New Abstractionists IX (Group Show) Magali Leonard Worlds of Transparency and Flux Eleanor Hubbard Michael Price: Paintings and Reliefs from 1995-2015 and Mark Travers: Wrapture Florence Putterman: Retrospective: 1995-2015/Nancy Newman Rice: Recent Works Gallery Artists Part XII Infectious Composure + Intellectual Integrity: The Paintings of H.A. Sigg and JD Miller: Breaking the Color Barrier Ethel Gittlin: Nature Reconstructed Ralph L. Wickiser The Reflected Stream 1975-1998 and Friends: Group Exhibition Soile Yli-Mayry: Climate of the Soul Francine Tint and Ken Kaminski Renée Lerner: Constructs and Collage: Recent Works and Judith Shah: Vibrancy of Intuition and Masumi Sakagami: Mystic Black Lines of Japanese Art Man Hee Kim : Pilgrim from the East Meighen Jackson: Re[de]fined and Lauren Jones Worth: Open Your World Susan Manspeizer: Vital Distillations and Arthur Turner: Swallowtail Variations and Igor Ilchuk: Color Dreams Gallery Artists Part XI John Johnson: In the Spectrum and Tracy Lee Griffith: May Flowers and Lilya: Water Ralph L. Wickiser: The Compassion Theme 1950-1965 and Pamela Sztybel: Flowers Merrill Steiger : Dreamland Charles Schucker (1908-1998) : Paintings Non Objectivity II : Alfie Fernandes, Roseline Koener, Desy Safán-Gerard, Mark Sharp Larger Than Life Three Artists / Three Reflections Peter Charles: Image and Form Shiho Fujiwara: Prayers for Peace The New Abstractionists VIII Gallery Artists Part X Ethel Gittlin Friends Lauren Worth Ralph L. Wickiser Soile Yli-Mayry Lucinda Luvaas: Momentary Impressions Sean Cavanaugh: Natural Observer Dina Gustin Baker Roseline Koener and Mary Buckley Parriott