Archived shows at Y Gallery:

Tamara Kostianovsky: To Prevent Bad Luck Be My Memory: A Selection of Contemporary Art from Peru Subverting the Feminine: Latin American (Re)marks on the Female Body Ryan Brown: Artist Talk with Matthew Blair: The Work of Art in Age of Mechanical Expressionism C.J. Chueca: Illuminations of Angie: Someone there is that doesn’t love a wall Ryan Brown: To Hell With It All, Lets Pray That It Lasts Mie Olise, Manuela Viera-Gallo, Summer Wheat Dieter Buchhart NATURAL RESISTANCE: Shay Arick, Adriana Ciudad, Tamara Kostianovsky Divagation: curated by Meyken Barreto, Carlos Garcia-Montero, Cecilia Jurado and ghost writer Andres Duran: Edited Monument: Avenue of the Americas Alejandro Almanza Eung Ho Park: OBJECT/OBJECTIVE Norma Markley: Paved X and leisurely looping Z Lech Szporer- Burial for the Rebellion: Studies in Post-Criminality Norma Marckley Miguel Aguirre: New York School Alejandra Prieto Charles Sabba Jenni Crain: Upon Reflection Manuela Viera Gallo: Jauja There is only one catch and that is Catch 22 Xolo Yawning Performance Week Presents: A week of Live Art with Oliver Bulas Monika Bravo: Landscapes of Belive Juan Fontanive Juanli Carrion: Sintaxa Raquel Rabinovich: November 21- December 23, 2014 Alberto Borea: We are all gone Christoph Draeger: Garage Sale PS3* (Pedro Sanchez3): The Bunker Project What goes there: Group Exhibition Ryan Brown: In Someways It Is Raimundo Edwards: Lost & Found Elliot Lloyd: Free Hand Flow: Painting’s from the 1970’s Troels Carlson Elliot Lloyd : Near to Far Jose Tola Ray Smith: Boxer